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xie xiangxin of hent technology: going global and win-win cooperation with asian kitchen and acropolis
  • date:2022-03-26
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    on february 16, 2014, the asian kitchen and bathroom city project in jishan town, heshan, guangdong, one of the important hardware and bathroom production bases in china, was officially opened for sale. the sales site was hot and crowded. on the opening day, hong kong superstar wang jie and sweet song diva zhuo yiting yiyi were present to celebrate and sing. as a key project in guangdong province, the asian kitchen and bathroom mall strongly supported by heshan municipal government is breeding a hot land with the strategic layout of asia's largest kitchen and bathroom complex.
   it is reported that in just a few days since the opening of the asian kitchen acropolis marketing center, the reservation volume of 539 shops exceeded 80%. the enterprises settled in include dozens of well-known sanitary ware enterprises such as zhongyu, gaoyi, shenluda and europa. at the opening ceremony of the asian kitchen and acropolis, the reporter of zhongjie.com interviewed xie xiangxin, general manager of guangdong hante technology co., ltd., the person in charge of one of the settled enterprises, to understand his views and suggestions on the asian kitchen and acropolis project.
    asian kitchen and bathroom city -- the most geographically advantageous international kitchen and bathroom collection place
    zhongjie.com: hello, president xie. thank you for your interview with zhongjie.com. it is said that hante has been stationed in the asian kitchen acropolis for a long time. what advantages or highlights do you think asian kitchen acropolis has to attract you?
xie xiangxin: like other operators, i am more optimistic about its geographical location. asian kitchen and bathroom city is located in the gathering place of sanitary ware merchants in kaiping area. although the scale of enterprises is not very large, the production bases of enterprises are relatively concentrated. secondly, it is also next to the expressway, and the transportation is very convenient. the circulation of logistics is very large, and the transportation of materials is very fast and convenient. in addition to these advantages, guangdong heshan is also the communication point of the two sanitary bases. it provides a platform for enterprises in the two places to exchange and develop, and a large-scale business gathering place will be formed here. as far as we know, asia kitchen and bathroom invites the world's top five property management company to manage and plan their services and management systems. asian kitchen and bathroom city not only covers the professional market of display and trading of plumbing, kitchen and bathroom products, warehousing and logistics, inspection and quarantine and comprehensive administrative services, but also professional colleges and universities that cultivate professional talents for enterprises, headquarters and office buildings, high-end hotels for business and tourism reception. at the same time, it also has service facilities such as industrial theme parks for regional spiritual and cultural display, theme villas rooted in talents and senior talent communities. the planning is very perfect.
what do you think is helpful for the development of hancheng zhongjie technology?
xie xiangxin: i have been paying close attention to the development of the asian kitchen and acropolis project and have a certain understanding of the asian kitchen and acropolis project. it not only aims at the sanitary ware market in guangdong or asia, but also aims at the global sanitary ware market, shaping the asian kitchen and bathroom city into a gathering place of well-known brands of international sanitary ware. in the future, the asian kitchen acropolis will certainly go global and promote the development of our enterprises. i have full confidence in the asian kitchen acropolis.
hent technology joins hands with asian kitchen acropolis to move towards globalization
zhongjie.com: you just mentioned that the goal of asian kitchen and bathroom city is to build itself into an international bathroom brand gathering place. for hantec, what is the driving force of the operation concept of the global development of asian kitchen and bathroom city for you?
xie xiangxin: our development concept will also be adjusted with the cooperation with asian kitchen and bathroom, and the development goal of hante brand will also start towards the world bathroom market. with kaiping shuikou and heshan site as the center, asia kitchen and bathroom city radiates the surrounding sanitary industry and expands the whole service scope to the whole south china. the cluster economy of kitchen and bathroom industry in south china affects the whole asian region, and then enters and affects the global bathroom market from the asian bathroom market. this concept is very consistent with the development concept that we now want to open up the product export sales market. in the future, we hope to open up the global bathroom market together with asian kitchen and acropolis.
zhongjie.com: you just mentioned opening up the global bathroom market. does that mean that hent technology has begun to transform to export-oriented? is hante technology mainly for domestic or export?
xie xiangxin: so far, the products of hent technology are mainly sold domestically, and some products are also exported. we are now developing in guangdong to open up the market of hante brand outside fujian province, so that more consumers can use hante technology products. in the future, we also hope to build hent technology into an international well-known brand. to participate in the opening ceremony of asian kitchen acropolis today is to seek more investment and development opportunities. we hope to expand the product sales channel of hante technology through cooperation with asian kitchen acropolis in the future.
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