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do you know the harm of
  • date:2022-03-10
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   for most citizens, the first thing after getting up in the morning is often to turn on the tap, wash your face, brush your teeth and boil water. as everyone knows, there may be a "health killer" hidden in the newly released water.
   "it's best not to use the 'overnight water' left in the faucet. when you turn on the faucet every morning, you can leave it empty for a while and use it to flush the toilet, mop the floor, etc. in addition, the small accessories in the connecting hose, valve core and other water pipes are also related to the safety of drinking water, so you must choose qualified products." chai chunyan, director of the laboratory of the county water group center, told reporters, "when we take the water from the pipe network for sampling, it is also stipulated that we should put it for 5 minutes before sampling, because the 'dead water' that stays in the pipe network all night can not represent the water from the pipe network. some water pipes in the urban area have been used for a long time, have a deep degree of oxidation, and the lead content is also a little high. we will remind residents not to drink the water left in the pipe network while maintaining and transforming the pipe regularly the 'overnight water' in the pipe
    it turns out that the tap water in the tap and water pipe that are out of service for one night is static. these water will react with the metal pipe wall and the metal chamber of the tap to form metal polluted water, and the residual microorganisms in the tap water will also reproduce. this water contains a large number of substances harmful to human body, legionella, an acute respiratory infectious pathogen that threatens human health, may also be hidden. if you use inferior faucets, the lead content in "overnight water" will seriously exceed the standard.
   so, how many citizens know the harm of "overnight water" and will form the habit of "putting it first and then using it"? the reporter interviewed citizens of different ages at random.      the survey results found that most people use it directly and don't know the harm of overnight water at all. especially the elderly citizens think it's too wasteful to let the water go in vain. in contrast, young mothers with children pay special attention to this aspect. for example, ms. xu learned from the media 10 years ago that excessive lead content in overnight water may damage the nervous, hematopoietic and reproductive systems, do more harm to children, and affect their growth and intellectual development. since then, she has formed the habit of letting go of "overnight water".
   the reporter also found in the survey that although some citizens do not have the habit of "putting it first and then using it", they have installed water purifiers for the health of their families. mr. wang, who lives in fengzeyuan, said that his wife is a doctor, and there are too many patients with long stones. when the house was renovated, her first proposal was to install a water purifier, saying that it was safe to cook rice and vegetables with the water of the water purifier.
   the reporter also investigated the water purifiers in the market of our county. in recent years, with people paying more and more attention to the safety of drinking water, the sales volume and style of water purifiers are constantly rising and enriched. according to different water quality, it can be divided into purified water and pure water; according to different functions, the machine has water purifier and water purifier; according to different functions, it is also divided into kitchen water purifier, direct drinking machine, water softener, pipeline machine, central water purifier, etc. the variety is dazzling. it can remove scale and sterilization, lead and silver ions, soften and inhibit scale, sand and taste... the brands and types selected are also different according to different needs. however, it should be noted that no matter what kind of water treatment product is selected, the water purification components need to be replaced regularly, otherwise it may cause secondary pollution.
   if you don't install a water purifier in your home, you really don't have to worry about the safety of water quality, because the tap water in our county strictly implements the 106 new national standards for water quality detection issued in 2012. the water quality of the water supply is better than the national standard. in theory, it has reached the standard of direct drinking. however, at present, even if the factory water meets the standard requirements, the aging of the pipe network and the non-standard secondary water supply facilities may still affect the water use of users. therefore, it is very important to develop the habit of "putting it first and then using it".

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