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1991 - 2003
1 and may 1991, the establishment of fujian nanan special ceramic industry co., ltd..
2 and february 1993, the company successfully developed "99" porcelain, and become one of the earliest manufacturers of ceramic sealing faucets
3 and march 1995, registered "tetao" trademark, production has become large-scale
4.2003 years, heshan city, nanan city, town investment special ceramics industrial co. ltd. was established in heshan city hunter technology development company limited. may 5.2003, registered "hent" trademark

2004 - 2006
in 1 and december 2004, the company's factory buildings, offices and dormitories were completed and put into production
in january 2.2005, participated in the national light industry standard < < water faucet general technical condition > >
drafting of the qb1334-2004
in 3 and june 2005, it was evaluated by guangdong science and technology department as a private technology enterprise in guangdong province;
4 and september 2005, hent brand ceramic valve won the jiangmen science and technology award;
5.2005 years in october, the successful development of solar water heater thermostatic valve
6 and august 2006, through the world famous certification company saiglobal company audit watermark certification;
in 7 and september 2006, participate in the national light industry standard solar water heater with "temperature control faucet"
drafting of qb2806-2006;
8, 2006, for hot and cold water synchronous switch thermostatic device patent, patent number: zl200620138424.5

2007 - 2009
in 1 and april 2007, he became a member of jiangmen standardization association
in 2 and november 2008, "hent" brand ceramic valve core and tuopu brand thermostatic control valve were named "chinese sanitary ware brand products" by the china building ceramics association
in 3 and december 2008, "hent" brand ceramic valve core was awarded the product quality award by china hardware association
in 4 and december 2008, it was evaluated as "high and new technology enterprise" by guangdong science, technology and technology department";
in 5 and august 2009, china building ceramics association rated enterprise credit rating aa
6 and december 2009, three consecutive years (2007 -2009 years) by the heshan municipal bureau of commerce and industry as a civilized enterprise
in december 7.2009, he became deputy director of china building ceramics association

2010 - 2011
1.2010 years in march, through the french acs certification
in march 2.2010, was recognized by the guangdong administration for industry and commerce as "the famous trademark of guangdong province""
in march 3.2010, "hunter" was named the 2009 annual association of solar energy solar heat utilization industry "excellent brand china".
4.2010 years in july, once again through the german tuv certification iso9001:2008 quality management system
in november 5.2010, "hent" brand ceramic valve core and tuopu brand thermostatic control valve were appraised by china building ceramics association as "china sanitary ware brand products"
6.2010 years in december, for 5 consecutive years (2006 -2010 years), the site of the town was named a major taxpayer
in december 7.2010, "hent" brand ceramic valve by china hardware association as product quality award
8.2011 years in june, heshan industrial and commercial bureau for five consecutive years (2006-2010 years) as "shou contract, re credit enterprise."
9.2011 years in july, was named by the jiangmen association for standardization of quality credit aaa grade enterprises
10.2011 years in august, the company successfully passed the provincial quality supervision bureau of the "three levels of measurement system" evaluation, audit work and the use of international standards certification
in december 11.2011, hent hunter brand sanitary accessories (spool) are brand-name products in guangdong province evaluation center named "brand-name products in guangdong province"
12.2011 years in october, for three consecutive years (2009 -2011 years) by the heshan municipal bureau of commerce and industry as a civilized enterprise
13.2011 years in august, the company was awarded by the jiangmen municipal bureau of work safety supervision and production safety standardization level enterprise (machinery).

2012 - 2015
1.2012 years in march, the company was identified by the guangdong provincial bureau of small and medium enterprises as a demonstration base for innovation industrialization of smes in guangdong province.
2.2012 years in november, once again won the "high-tech enterprises in guangdong" honor
3.2012 years in november, cold and hot water synchronous switch thermostatic control valve was china construction sanitary ceramics association bathroom branch named "2012 green faucet" honor.
in november 4.2012, the company was named as "excellent sanitary ware innovation enterprise" by china sanitary ware association and sanitary ware section.
in november 5.2012, hent brand ceramic seal single handle dual control valve core is chinese building sanitary ceramics association awarded "2012 branch sanitary bathroom brands"
6.2012 years in december, was awarded by the china construction sanitary ceramics association "enterprise credit rating, aaa grade credit enterprises.""
in december 7.2012, by the national standardization committee of hardware technology, kitchen and bathroom hardware technology committee awarded the "2012 annual committee member.""
8.2012 years in december, joined the heshan enterprise quality promotion association for members of the unit.
in january 9.2013, hunter company was awarded the "a-class supplier shares jomoo kitchen".
10.2013 years in february, won the "national standardization good behavior aaa enterprise" honor.
11.2013 years in august, the company's products through the german ktw system certification.
12.2014 years, 1 days, by the china solar energy utilization industry alliance, association awarded the governing unit.
in january 13.2015, xiamen city was awarded the kitchen industry association, vice president of the unit.

2016 - 2017
1. on january 1, 2016, it was awarded the 2016 recommended high-quality supplier by foshan sanitary ware industry association
2. in january 2016, it was awarded strategic partner by jiumu kitchen and bathroom co., ltd
3. on january 25, 2016, hant valve core series products again obtained "wras certificate"
4. on march 1, 2016, it was awarded vice chairman unit by sanitary branch of china building materials market association
5. on march 8, 2016, it was awarded the honor of "safety production standardization level ii enterprise (machinery)" by guangdong safety production association.
6. in may 2016, the "hint" trademark was awarded the famous trademark certificate of guangdong province (evaluated by guangdong famous trademark review committee)
7. on may 30, 2016, it passed iso9001 certification again.
8. on january 8, 2017, he was awarded the 2016 tax progress award by zheshan town, heshan city
9. in 2017, it was awarded jiangmen science and technology award by jiangmen engineering technology research center of guangdong province
10. on march 8, 2017, hunter valve core series products again obtained "ktw certificate"
11. on june 1, 2017, it was awarded the contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise by guangdong administration for industry and commerce

2018 - 2019
1. on january 8, 2018, he was awarded the 2017 high tech enterprise award by the people's government of zheshan town, heshan city
2. on november 23, 2018, the company was awarded "aaa enterprise credit rating" by china building and sanitary ceramics association
3. in october 2018, the company won the "china building sanitary ceramics industry angle valve research center" and held the unveiling ceremony in the company.
4. in july 2019, the company won the "vice chairman unit" of the fifth council of sanitary branch of china building sanitary ceramics industry association
hent technology & development co.,ltd.

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