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    faucet styles dazzling and versatile. by zoning generally divided basin faucet, kitchen faucet, bathtub faucet, shower faucet and so on. by function generally have single cold type, mixed type, floor type, temperature, induction and delay automatic shut-off and so on. to determine the faucet and wash basins, sinks, bathtubs, shower are matched.

look at the surface. from brass faucet body casting, molding by grinding and polishing, and then chrome-plated and other surface treatment. formal body casting and surface treatment products have strict technical requirements, and after the neutral salt spray test, should be in the corresponding period no rust. so pick a leader, should be critically attention to its surface, hand touch no glitches, observed nonporous, corrosion traces, no oxidation spots, crystal shine, feel the thickness of plating. faucet surface coating with nickel, chrome, paint and so on. coating thickness good, and can observe the coating surface is bright eyes. leading imports thicker coating, easy to fall off and oxidation. plating should be protective film, protective film plating layer is not easy to fade.

gently turn the handle, is light and flexible, non-blocking zhizhong feeling. switch seamless, easy unrestricted, non-skid leading better. poor gap, blocked feeling great.

tap faucet body, whether it sounds boring, and carefully observe the faucet interface whether brass body, if the crisp sound when struck, it may be zinc alloy material, of course, to be worse. look faucet parts, and especially the major parts assembly is tight, a good faucet body, brass handle all refined, weight more sedate, there is a sense of dignified.

check the faucet parts, and observe whether the assembly is tight loose movement. single lever basin mixer generally mixed at the factory comes with installation size chart and instructions. should be opened before installing and using packaging inspection certificate, etc., in order to avoid using the "three no" products. if it is imported goods should be extra careful. also check the accessories are complete, the general should be fitted with accessories: complete mounting bolts and fixed copper and gaskets; two inlet.

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