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production department
general worker
qc department
quality controllers
technology department
r & d department
personnel administration department
job responsibilities
1. supervise, check and guide the factory, and make the safety inspection record;
2. handle general safety accidents;
3. responsible for on-site security and patrol work;
1, 18-45 years old, male, more than 1.70 meters tall, with good features;
2, positive and enthusiastic, affinity, good service consciousness, working hours;
3, veterans priority, fire certificate, party membership card is preferred;
corporate welfare
1, provide professional and personal skills training, for employees to create conditions for career development;
2, regular annual staff company activities, such as: basketball game, badminton game, birthday party, year-end lottery party;
3, year-end bonus, welfare, tourism, the annual birthday is started, festivals, holidays and other aspects of the welfare.
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