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spool introduction

press the spool to points, can be divided into rubber core, taocifaxin and stainless steel spool, the spool shaft roll and so are several. affect the quality of the most critical is the faucet valve. use rubber core faucet mostly open cast iron spiral tap, and now has basically been eliminated; taocifaxin faucet emerged in recent years, the quality is better, now more common; stainless steel spool only recently appeared more suitable areas with poor water quality.

currently there are three main spool common: ceramic valve core, ball valve and shaft roll spool. three valve is characterized by a holistic, the valve shaft as a whole, easy installation and maintenance and replacement.

stainless steel ball valve is a leading high-tech valve, especially for areas with poor water quality. because it is not the influence of impurities in the water, the service life will be shortened, and the handle of the ball valve regulating the water temperature in the region has a large angle, can accurately control the temperature to ensure that water flows out quickly and accurately, play energy saving effect.

roll spool shaft has the advantage of turning the handle and smooth, easy operation and easy, feel comfortable and relaxed, resistant to aging and wear.

ceramics, including the valve installed on the faucet in the shell, the shell of the valve core is inserted with a rotary core, a rotating core lower end of the shifting fork is clamped on the movable valve plate through the movable valve plate and the valve is attached to each other static, static valve installed in the shell of the valve core, a pressing and sealing pad is installed in the under the static valve, static valve is opened on the two hole corresponding to the water outlet hole, wherein the rotating core is provided with the direction of the spindle hole; when the rotating core, fork at the lower end of the rotating core drives the movable valve plate to rotate, so the valve on the water outlet through the water inlet hole yujing valve through holes on the correspondence between the last water outflow from the turn hole core, ceramic valve seals play a very good role, especially imported ceramic chip, good sealing performance, stable physical properties, abrasion resistance, long service life.

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