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do you know the danger of overnight water in the tap?
“for most people, the first thing after getting up in the morning, often open the tap to wash your face,brush your teeth, boil water. as everyone knows, just let out the water may hide a "health killers". "do not use the best retention in the tap 'overnight water', every morning to open the tap, you can first empty for a while, the water used to flush the toilet, mopping the floor etc.. in addition, a connecting hose, a valve core tube in the small accessories, but also relates to the safety of drinking water, must select the qualified products." county water group ......
as the first low carbon environmental protection into the mainstream sanitary ware industry
"low carbon", this is because in recent years environmental problems become more and moreattention by the word, low carbon life and energy saving and environmental protection has become a public consensus, and gradually deep into every aspect of production and life. building materialsare the most close to the daily life of people of the industry, so it is one of the most concerned object people. home furnishing industry of furniture, flooring, wooden doors which use wood in the production of enterprises to "low carbon" as own duty, ceramics, bathroom etc. in the process ofproduction and use of......
bathroom design style is a global trend
now, in the bathroom product design, designers to consider factors is different, for example, recently popular what home style, foreign consumers pro gaze to which types of bathroom products, the choice of materials and style to how fusion and so on, with the strengthening of the trend of globalization, bathroom design style also showed a trend of globalization. the global design style gradually to the classical and modern transitionthe development of the internet makes information interactive communication more and more quickly, around the world design style also more and more fusion together, we can see the nostalgic style is gradually to the classical and modern style transition colours become fuzzy and moderate, so that the overall design is more intimate and flat. in the design o......
modern sanitary ware market simple fashion into the mainstream
bathroom design to lead the fashionwith 80 leading consumer groups to the pursuit of quality of life led to the rise of customized unrest, bathroom space and product from size to material and color to the character pattern, storage unit, accessories accessories, users have on their bathroom absolute control. while providing customized business, the competition in the fierce competition in the bathroom market has found a piece of blue the past, sanitary products used to be defined as durable goods, its value is only "practical"; now, the bathroom has been defined as home furnishing activities, it is important to label home furnishing life, reflects the owner's attitude towards life and aesthetic sentiment. sanitary products "neiwaijianxiu", reflected in the ......
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